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  • Rafael as a champion,
    his philosophy!
    "The practitioner of Jiu-Jitsu not need to be a competitor or just a trained athlete for competition. He/she must be faithful to the teaching he/she receives because then comes the soul of this art. We should just let the art be something good without pressure"
  • The Academy – START Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    First class martial art academy with World Champions staff, state-of-the art facilities with all the commodities of the modern world.
  • The children, our goal!!!
    Developing future generation of champions. START a better future, one student at a time.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
By joining START Academy you will become part of a bigger family formed by a select few people. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has become the most in demand martial art because of its practicality in everyday life and usage in the MMA world.
Capoeira Kids
Capoeira is an afro-Brazilian form which blends dance; martial arts, and acrobatics into one beautiful art like no other. Our kids classes are designed to make kids not only learn the art but develop more ability, focus, creativity, and much more.
Muay Thai Fitness
This trainng is focus in the self-defense standing up and also work in the conditioning, coordination and fitness of the body. The program is for students since 12 years old onwards (mens & womans) and is focus in conditioning, getting ripped and cutting weight.
After School

The After School Program operates from schools dismissal time until 6:00 p.m. each day that School is in session. Early release days are included. Teacher planning days, holidays, and breaks are NOT INCLUDED.



Telephone: 786.543.0001
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KIDS Jiu-Jitsu Promotion at START Sunrise/Sawgrass Academy (02/16/2018)

Last Friday we had our Jiu-Jitsu KIDS Graduation in Sunrise/Sawgrass!!! We want to thank all the parents and kids for c

KIDS Jiu-Jitsu Promotion at START Pembroke Pines Academy, February 2018

Last Friday we had our Jiu-Jitsu KIDS Graduation in Pembroke Pines!!! We want to thank all the parents and kids for com

January Old School Class

We had a great Old School Class last week at START Jiu-Jitsu Academy Pembroke Pines! Come & train with us!!! See yo

Adults Belt Promotion and Awards Dinner 2017

What a great night we had yesterday!!! Congratulations to all of our students who were promoted yesterday!! We are very

Testimonials from the best Jiu-Jitsu fighters!

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